Conclusions, Zlatko Ćosić, 2022, video, 7:35

Conclusions, Zlatko Ćosić, 2023, video, 7:45

We are losing the world and life on earth with every minute passing. Conclusions, featuring experimental dance music (ExDM) by Cielo Hemon, confronts the reconfiguration, wrought by the trauma of accelerating climate change, of our very relationship with time. The video is an angry and hopeful expression of our desire to hoard enough life and love for the oncoming, uncertain future.


Video: Zlatko Ćosić
Music: Cielo Hemon (music alter ego of Aleksandar Hemon)
Cinematography, live video processing and editing: Zlatko Ćosić
Produced by Aleksandar Hemon

Cielo Hemon - keyboards and loops
Goran Marković - solo guitar
Mixed by Alan Omerović at 5D Studio, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering, Minneapolis, USA


:: Inheritance - The Environmental Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Broadcasted on: Northern Visions (NVTV), Belfast - Latest TV, Brighton, UK - Sheffield Live!, Sheffield, UK - KMTV, Kent, UK, May 21-31, 2023
:: St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, Hi-Pointe Theatre, St. Louis, USA, July 30, 2023

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