AQurld Waves

Photo by Max Bouvatte, AQurld Waves

- underwater concert and multimedia performance

Produced by: HEARding Cats Collective
Musicians: Rich O’Donnell, Ted Rubright, Mike Murphy and Kevin Harris
Videos: Van McElwee
Camera: Olivia Murphy, Van McElwee, Rachel Ćosić and Zlatko Ćosić
Tai Chi Players: Anna Lum, LeRoy Alsup and Nicholas Alsup
Sound: Bryan Erdman
Lights: Bryan Erdman and Olivia Murphy
Live Video Processing, Projections and Editing: Zlatko Ćosić

(10:00)   [VIDEO]


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AQurld Waves is a live underwater arts experience created by a music ensemble that's both in and out of the water. Special underwater instruments and devices have been created specifically for the concert by O'Donnell who will be performing on them with Ted Rubright. Analog synthesists Mike Murphy and Kevin Harris will supplement the natural and percussive creations with their own "mechanical animals."

In addition to music, new abstract video work created by Webster University Professor of Electronic and Photographic Media and Guggenheim Grant Recipient, Van McElwee, will be projected onto the surface of the water and a wall mounted screen. Along with video artist Zlatko Ćosić, the team will use source material in combination with live video feedback to create a fluid orchestration of images complimentary to the music. Ćosić will provide a live improvised video mix.

Finally, tai chi players, Anna Lum, LeRoy Alsup and Nicholas Alsup will flow through the liquid, energy trails enhanced by the lights of Bryan Erdmann.

This resulting juxtaposition of experiences - above and below the water - natural and manipulated sounds - audio and video - challenges audience members to concentrate on the variety of ways stimuli (in this case, sound and light) are both created and perceived. There is a beautiful world of sound beneath lakes, rivers, and oceans; some of it we can hear - some we cannot - but mostly we aren't listening. It is this reality to which AQurld Waves hopes to bring awareness - pay attention to the world around you - there are strange and wonderful surprises everywhere.

AQurld Waves, Webster University Aquatic Center, St. Louis
Saturday, August 31, 2013
Photo by Rachel Cosic, AQurld Waves
Photo by Ted Rubright, AQurld Waves
Photo by Rachel Cosic, AQurld Waves
Photo by Rachel Cosic, AQurld Waves
Photo by Rachel Cosic, AQurld Waves

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