TROPE by Zlatko Ćosić

In Trope nature is affected and transformed through abstract videos and sounds symbolizing the ongoing ecological damages occurring on planet Earth.

Visuals are created using videos and live editing by Zlatko Ćosić. Sound is originally scored by John Consiglio while watching the video. The work that emerged is a result of an improvisational collaboration which evolved into a new phase, live online audio visual performances called KAON.

:: videos and live video mix by Zlatko Ćosić
:: music
by John Consiglio

TROPE (5 min.)   [VIDEO]

(30 min.)   [wmv]


:: St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, Tivoli Theater, July 7-12, 2012
:: Our Common Ground, Mavis Gallery, Greenville, IL, September 28, 2012, 5-10pm
:: St. Louis International Film Festival, November 8-18, 2012

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